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Unido Digital Media provides new media & business intelligence for the next generation of global decision makers.

Bespoke Research & Editorial Services

Our experienced team of editors, analysts & researchers (40 full time employees at the time of this writing) can create advanced and specialized content tailored to your firm’s or agency’s specific requirements. Long form ghostwriting or editing, white papers, press releases, articles or reports can be created for general or tightly defined audiences. Our team of published authors, editors & researchers has experience with business, history book, and even fiction novel book publishing, news journalism, marketing, advertising copy-writing, and technical work. Our multimedia team has credited experience & expertise on film and digital video and sound production, including commercials, corporate work, cinema, news & sports, and across all media from film to web and social networks. Written & multimedia editorial and production services are available in English & Spanish.

Video interviews, corporate podcasts, and other electronic media production is available.

Our Publications

With a global reader base, our publications are all digital. By the time printed matter arrives, it’s no longer news, it’s history.

Print publications are available for clients on a bespoke basis.

Finance Colombia

Finance Colombia is the only English language business publication dedicated to Colombia’s financial & investment markets, the Andean country’s business sector, and its thriving economy.

Colombia is Latin America’s 3rd largest economy, and the Western Hemisphere’s 5th largest. For dedicated coverage, there is no other alternative. Subscriptions are free for qualified subscribers by clicking here.

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Finance TnT

Finance TnT provides news and updates on the rapidly evolving financial back office. Banking, accounting, financial outsourcing, or disruptors like cryptocurrencies are all covered. To subscribe to the monthly mailing, click here.

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Cognitive Business News

Cognitive Business News is the first publication written for enterprise decision makers covering the disruptive technologies such as RPA (Robotics Process Automation), Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence from the business rather than the technical perspective.

Cognitive Business discusses use cases, new developments, practical applications, and real solutions to business challenges. From customer service to security, healthcare to manufacturing, Cognitive Business keeps executives and managers on top of this rapidly evolving discipline.

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