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Data Analytics

Advanced tools like Alteryx +brilliant minds

A groundbreaking California technology firm applies their unique algorithm to match US retailers with ideal store, shop or restaurant locations based on a vast and deep pool of big data. Before that data can be fed into their supercomputers, it must be selected and groomed by a team of talented data analysts. That is where Unido Digital comes in. Our team of data analysts and researchers ferrets out new sources of data (open source and purchased), analyzes, judges, cleans, and grooms the data so that it is ready for the automated processes that come next. Our team has proficiency with advanced tools such as Alteryx and various tools within Amazon AWS.

Executive Discussion Groups

Board & C-level encounters to address key issues

A global IT outsourcing firm wanted to meet with CIOs and high-level executives responsible for information, IT and data security strategy.  After outlining the desired outcome, they left the engagement in Unido Digital’s hands.

Unido Digital arranged for a private meeting with key IT leaders from around the country. Unido Digital arranged for meeting space, identified and reached out to targeted executives, invited them to the encounter, then reconfirmed their participation. Unido Digital moderated the roundtable, providing the executives with valuable takeaways, and providing the corporate client with key insight and detailed knowledge about customer and prospect opportunities and challenges.

Business Intelligence

It's not just what you know, but when you know it.

A government agency charged with creating jobs and foreign direct investment was up against stiff competition from competing jurisdictions. They required expert analysis covering their targeted industry sector. Beyond the news headlines, they needed real (but ethical) sleuthing about who was doing what, where, and why in their key industries. Our dedicated team of analysts served as their early-alert service, constantly monitoring key industries for developments that could impact their country directly or indirectly.

Data Research & Verification

For the institutional investment sector, it has to be right the first time.

A large provider of data to the institutional investment sector in the US had a vast, ever-changing database of key data that banks, funds, lenders and investors use to make critical investment decisions. For this reason, the records in the database had to be manually researched, verified, and updated at least once a year. This research had many elements, but also included making thousands of phone calls to business managers and executives to corroborate the researched information. Our team of researchers combined the acumen of a detective, the friendliness of a customer support representative, and the polish of a legal secretary.

Build Operate Transfer

On-the-ground solutions across the globe

A European media firm wanted to expand into The Americas but had no understanding of local laws, business climate, or operational peculiarities. Unido Digital was contracted to establish a digital media company from the ground-up on behalf of the client, including hiring staff, contracting accounting and law firms, opening and managing bank accounts, even the government and tax footwork. Once the company was fully operational and running smoothly, in compliance with the engagement, the entire company was transferred to the ownership of the client.

Foreign Direct Investment

Knowledge is power

A Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) promotion agency had a benefit and incentive package for a very specific industry sector. Their challenge? There was no readily available database of companies that fit their target profile, and worse, no clear way to reach the key executives in those target sectors. Our team was contracted to carefully research key executives and decision makers around the world that fit the exact profile defined by our client. That was not all though. Then our team, experienced researchers with high levels of business acumen and stature, engaged with those targeted executives personally to introduce them to our client and their offering.

Editorial Outsourcing

Research to reinforce your message

A non-profit entity wished to establish itself as a thought leader in the financial and investment sector. They had a very high level offering, and were focused on delivering. They were not focused on writing research papers, reports, books, or articles. They engaged our team of subject matter experts and published editors to gather the key information from their team interview-stayle, add additional research, and complete high-level white papers, industry articles, and forecasts on their behalf. We have subject matter experts and full-time writers with expertise across several industry sectors including finance, insurance, real-estate, technology, IoT, customer experience, etc. Our entire professional staff is multilingual.

Market Research

Sometimes data gathering requires fieldwork, leaving one's desk.

When the famous Consumer Electronics Show decided to expand their industry leading convention into Latin America with the first CES México, they didn’t have the well established connections outside of the US like they did with domestic retailers, wholesalers, media and vendors.. There was no Google or Bing, and few companies had a significant internet presence—especially outside of the USA or a few European countries at that time, Unido Digital’s founder contracted to identify every Latin American electronics retailer in target countries throughout central and South America, so that the CES could target them for invitation to the event. This invitation had to be compiled, researched, verified, and prepared manually from foreign sources.  (This work was conducted by Unido Digital’s founder, before the incorporation of Unido Digital).

Unido Digital
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