Research, Data Gathering, Business Intelligence

Unido Digital is not just skilled at crafting and mining data, we are your partner when it comes to gathering data in the first place. Web research, field surveys, telephone data gathering, whatever it takes. We have the infrastructure and human talent to fill, validate, and clean your most essential data sets. Our experience encompasses real estate data, finance, business contacts, statistics, opinion, market research, and traditional polling.


  • Information gathering, verification – We are able to harvest data from multiple sources, whether paper, in person, digital, Research, Data Gathering, Business Intelligenceinternet, or multimedia. We have the technology to parse the data, but just as importantly, we have the human skills and resources to gather the data.
  • Data quality control – Our experienced data researchers and validators can search online & offline data sources and parse data no matter the format. We can verify your existing records for quality, accuracy, and accountability.
  • Telephone verification (employment, address, etc.) – We have the in-house capacity to make thousands of calls per month to check employment, addresses, key contacts, or any other information.
  • 100% bilingual – Our primary staff is 100% bilingual English / Spanish, with additional language capabilities based on client need.
  • Business intelligence – We are skilled at gathering, analyzing and presenting publicly available information on subjects in a concise format based on client needs. Don’t make a decision without having all the relevant facts at hand!
  • Legal research, litigation support – Legal proceedings often involved vast amounts of data. Sometimes data is provided in paper form, meaning a labor-intensive effort to parse the documentation for key evidence. We have the detail-oriented staff to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on strategy.
  • Manual document review – Sometimes automated processes just won’t work, and you need human eyeballs to search for the needle in the haystack. This may mean poring through thousands of pages of printed documents, images, or even audio and video. We have the professionals, backed by the technology, and a price that cannot be beaten for the level of service and skill provided.
  • Scheduling & Appointment setting – Your sales force is at its best in the field, or on the phone with pre-qualified clients. Our experienced pre-sales professionals can set the appointments for your field sales calls, webinars, conferences, or telephone meetings. We can work off your lists and contact bases, or do the research for you, pre-qualifying leads and creating a database for you based on your specifications.
  • Quality monitoring & Control – How do store managers and cashiers answer the phone across your vast retail network? Do your team members in the field thoroughly attend to every customer or put them on hold and hope they disappear? Is every customer facing employee living up to your company promise and following procedures? We can verify this for you in a cost effective manner across your entire operation.
  • Price research / tracking – Online or on the phone, we research and track prices of any commodity, product or service for statistical research, competitive intelligence, or market data. If it’s publicly available, we can get it.
  • Market research – Traditional market research is a broad field. We have experience working with clients for example, who needed a database of specific executives in certain positions in a very narrowly defined industry. This information was so specific that it was not available in a list somewhere to be purchased. When it had to be built from zero, they turned to us. We can do the same for you.
  • Data entry / processing – Often, vast amounts of data in the analog world has to get into the digital world, and there is no automated shortcut. Our skilled, detail oriented professionals can enter such data, whether it is numeric, text, audio or visual. Transcriptions, data entry, scanning, digitizing, recording, OCR review; we can do the heavy lifting at no sacrifice in quality and at a price that is a tiny fraction of domestic processing.
Unido Digital
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