Our History

In the finest tradition of companies like Hewlett Packard & Apple, Unido Digital was also launched from a humble garage.
Our origins

In the beginning, we were a true "Garage Startup"

A US based provider of real estate data to the institutional investment community needed to move quickly. Introduced to who would become Unido Digital’s founder by their software outsourcing provider, the founder, who worked as an industry analyst covering BPO in The Americas offered to help the client with due dilligence and selecting an appropriate provider. When none matched what the client was looking for, the client suggested “why don’t you do it?” 
Pressed for time, the client couldn’t wait out a long negotiation process, and the founders had no time to find and negotiate office space in order to keep to the client’s schedule. The garage was quickly remodeled and upgraded with a restroom, plumbing, and a kitchenette, and furnished with desks, chairs, networking equipment, and (of course) a coffee machine. Unido Digital was born!
Having come a long way, Undio Digital now occupies modern office facilities in one of Latin America’s safest, most desirable business districts, surrounded by trendy restaurants, parks, and boutiques.
The photo shows the actual garage where we got our start, and employees on our first day of work.
A long way in a short time

Unido Digital Today

Today, Unido Digital is a thriving, fully funded company beholden only to its clients and employees, without external investors or creditors. The company is on solid financial footing with no long term debt. Unido Digital serves divese clients in multiple countries and business sectors (both commercial and government), and is headquartered in Medellín, Colombia with an incorporated subsidiary in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Unido Digital is American/Canadian owned and managed, supported by key Colombian & Caribbean talent. We are able to establish and launch operations in practically any jurisdiction required by the client: on or offshore, Latin America, Domestic US,  Caribbean, or elsewhere.

From rural sourcing from Ohio or West Virginia, to domestic nearshore and government services from Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. Finance & Accounting from Trinidad & Tobago or top tech talent from Colombia, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to meet your needs.

Our founder

Unido Digital was established by Columbus, Ohio (USA) native Loren Moss. Assisting him in management is the company’s first employee and current Operations Manager, Juliana Sepúlveda Gomez, who hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), with Colombian heritage.

Loren Moss’ first outsourcing engagement came in the early 1990s when the famous Consumer Electronics Show decided to expand their industry leading convention into Latin America with the first CES México. Long before Google was invented and when few companies had a significant internet presence—especially in Latin America, Moss was contracted to identify every Latin American electronics retailer in target countries throughout central and South America, so that the CES could target them for invitation to the event. This invitation had to be gathered manually, and was Moss’ first taste of Business Intelligence, an area where Unido Digital now excels.

For the rest of the 1990s Moss ran his own firm, then worked in the management of Asian & Spanish technology outsourcing firms. Shortly after the Tech Crash of 2000, Moss left the technology field and established himself in insurance, securities and commercial real estate. This experience would prove invaluable in the future.

A decade later, Moss found himself working for a global commercial real estate outsourcing firm that transferred him from his responsibilities in Ohio & Indiana to rural Northwest Florida. Feeling somewhat isolated and “away from the action,” Moss resigned and moved to Miami, taking an executive position with a Sri-Lanka based IT outsourcing firm. When this firm closed its US offices, Moss was hired by a Connecticut firm as a BPO industry analyst, researching, writing and consulting on the industry with a focus on the Latin American & Caribbean market.

Moss eventually left this firm to establish his own practice. It was then that he was contacted by a technology firm servicing the investment community looking to establish a nearshore outsourcing presence. Moss offered to assist the firm in selecting a provider, but when the provider realized that Moss was actually a previous client of the firm from his days in the finance sector and away from outsourcing, the provider offered the contract to Moss, even providing the startup capital (through debt that was promptly repaid) to launch and build out. Unido Digital was born.

That engagement successfully ran its course and ended on a positive note with a satisfied client. Unido Digital now services multiple clients from various countries and sectors, and is growing upon its solid foundation.

In addition to his professional work, Moss has always seen the importance of being engaged in his neighborhood (in his case, The Americas). While still a university student he worked for a program to help resettle “Mariél” Cuban refugees. Later, he served as a volunteer translator at the 1994 United Nations World Summit on Trade Efficiency, and he was an electoral observer for the 2000 Mexican Presidential Elections, the 2001 Nicaraguan Presidential Elections, and the 2004 Dominican Republic Presidential Elections. 2 years ago, he hosted a delegation of international electoral observers in Bucaramanga, Colombia during the Santander Gubernatorial elections.

Moss also has significant experience in media, having edited, produced, or published countless articles, several books and research papers, electronic works (audio & video), and magazines.

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Loren Moss is the founder & head of Unido Digital
Unido Digital
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