Nearshore Back-Office Support

”What can we do for you?”

Unido Digital’s Colombia & Caribbean operations specialize in completing high value business processes that are essential to your organization, but not your core market offering. This frees you up to excel at your own offering, all while keeping your expensive internal headcount to a minimum.

Traditional BPO firms might offer services around the ”your mess for less” model. That is not how we operate. For all of our clients we work as an extension of their own workforce, but we remove the administrative and legal complexity of managing a multinational workforce.

With our extensive operating experience in promising economies, local relationships, and cultural understanding, we insulate you from the accounting challenges, tax complexities, and legal peculiarities so you face no surprises, no hassles, and no drama!

You do get the benefit of transparency and accountability, oversight, and judgement. At the end of the day, you have a simple invoice in your home currency without having to establish the leviathan infrastructure of cross-border accounting, human resources or legal groundwork.

You also get the advantage of speed. We have the experience and connections across continents to establish and launch operations quickly and efficiently. Located in the Americas, we are convenient for travel and time-zone to all of The Americas and Europe, but we are much less expensive than most northern-hemisphere locations, and with generally more flexible labor arrangements. Our staff is virtually 100% bilingual English-Spanish, with sub-teams competent in other languages such as French, German, & Mandarin. Unlike many of our industry colleagues, we are nimble enough to handle relatively small projects and clients as well as large ones.

We excel at processes and projects that are knowledge and information intensive, where the capability of the workforce is a key differentiator.

Every solution is unique and we want to work with you to meet your specific needs.

    • ♦ Data research, gathering, investigation
    • Cloud migration & software development
    • Data annotation
    • Information verification, & quality control
    • Investment & financial services data research
    • Data search and analytics
    • Business intelligence
    • Research-to-report
    • Advanced & complex technical support, such as for industrial or business devices, software, technical equipment
    • Data compilation and mining (example: sales lead research)
    • Information capture: scanning photography and documents, etc.
    • Legal research, litigation support
    • Document review & data extraction
    • Document & image scanning
    • Video, sound & image processing
    • Scheduling & appointment management
    • Performance management, quality monitoring & control
    • Business to business contact & technical support
    • Data analytics (we have analysts proficient with Alteryx, for example)
    • Price research & tracking
    • Back office administration
    • Market research
    • Software based information processing
    • Finance & accounting data entry processing
    • Usability & software testing

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