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Our team of data analysts can work to extract the value from your data, getting you the results you need without significant up front investment, a long learning curve, or creating a distraction from core responsibilities for your own team.
Companies and organizations often find themselves with large, unwieldy data sets from multiple sources and in various formats that still contain essential data. Our analytics tools and skilled professionals are able to herd this data into a manageable form so that it can be groomed, cleaned of duplicates and invalid records, and then mined for the valuable insights trapped within.
Typical use cases for analytics:
  • Marketing – How can I determine which customers I am most likely to lose? Who is most loyal?
  • Data Grooming – I have several heterogeneous databases / data sets that I need to merge while removing duplicates and invalid data.
  • Social Media – How can I get value out of my brand’s social media presence? Who is an actual customer? Who is a prospect? Who is really a bot?
  • Finance – How can I combine the data available to me to determine which customers are a good credit risk? How much credit is safe to extend?
  • Law Enforcement – We know what areas have been crime problems in the past, but based on data, what areas should we keep an eye out for potential problems?
  • Manufacturing – How can I accurately plan production and customer demand to optimize inventory, staffing, capital expense & throughput?
  • Science – How can I predict the behavior of untested chemical molecules before actually experimenting in the laboratory (or on living creatures?)
  • eCommerce – How can I make recommendations for music or books based on customers’ past purchases or browsing activity?
  • Health Care – Analyze epidemiological data to look for communicable disease hotspots and track the spread pattern to take preventive measures.
  • Insurance Fraud – How can I analyze claims data to track down and find insurance scams and fraudulent claims rackets?
  • Sentiment Analysis – I have tons of chat records or social media interactions. How can I mine this information to know how my customers REALLY feel?
  • Agriculture – How can I look at myriad data sources: weather data, soil conditions, fertilization rates, etc. to predict crop yields?
  • Natural Resources – How can I look at harvest rates, water conditions, weather & other factors to determine the best catch limits for sport & commercial anglers?
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