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Corporate Advisory, Business Intelligence, Decision Support, Research

At Unido Digital we distill data and information into actionable knowledge and intelligent insight. We disseminate much of this information through our public media outlets, but most of our work is done for specific clients. For them we support their knowledge processes with services ranging from research and consulting to data analytics.

We provide business, government and organizational leadership with the critical information they need to make informed decisions with confidence.

Our points of interaction tend to be corporate officers, board members, regional executives, diplomats, and military or academic leadership.

Our clients are, and have been publicly traded multinational corporations, government agencies, embassies and diplomatic missions, nonprofit foundations and industry associations, and small high-growth companies with a global outlook.

Corporate Advisory, including government and NGO clients

Strategy & Positioning

Business Intelligence, Data Gathering & Analysis

Research & Decision Support

Due Diligence

Data Analytics

Trade & FDI Development, including investor/executive interaction management

Organizational logistics

Knowledge mining, extracting insights from your data

Public information and news:

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