Crafting the world's data

Your partner in unleashing the value in your data

Leverage our team of data professionals when it comes to extracting the knowledge locked in your data. From “data grunt work” to advanced analytics, our analysts & associates leverage the power of platforms like Alteryx, Amazon AWS, or even your own systems to overcome your challenges; from the mundane to the exotic. Our Americas location means significantly lower costs, cultural fit, no visas, & convenient 3-5 hour flights to most US cities when you need us on site.

Analytics – employing tools like Alteryx, RegEx, RESTful APIs

Data grooming & curation, digesting data from multiple sources simultaneously; from multiple databases to old fashioned telephone calling or field surveys

Knowledge mining, extracting insights from your data using tools like SQL, NoSQL, & Graph Databases

Data annotation, image tagging, data labeling

Data prep, cleansing, grooming: text, images, audio, video, etc.

Collecting data from multiple sources: web, paper, electronic, telephone, etc.

Telephone & omnichannel polling, surveys, research (100% bilingual English/Spanish)